Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Logan :)


Happy Birthday to the best eleven year old on the planet!!

I could write an entire book on all the beautiful things about you.  You are such a great example to all of your younger siblings.  Hudson and Leo used to count down the hours until you would get home from school.  You would come right in the door and immediately play with them.  You have no idea how much you mean to them.  You are their hero :) 

You are super responsible, honest, hard-working, smart, fun, and beyond your years in your faith.  I am so impressed with how comfortable you are in your own skin.  You aren't concerned about following the crowd.  That's what makes you stand out in the crowd :)  I am so proud of you.

I can't believe how smart you are.  You don't have to work very hard to make great grades.  Math comes easy for you (I am pretty sure you are already beyond me in this area - lol).  You are in the advanced classes.  I don't think you asked for help with your homework once this year.  I am proud of you for always helping your sisters and brothers with theirs though :)

When it comes to spiritual things you are right on target.  You care about the world around you.  You understand what it means to have Jesus in your heart and to make him Lord of your life.  We always know we can count on you to lead a devotion, to get the other kids thinking, and to help them understand spiritual things.  I told you - I am blown away by you :)

When people ask you what you want to be when you grow up you say a professional football player.  If that doesn't work out you will play basketball and if that fails you will be happy to be a Financial Advisor like your dad :)  Whatever it is that you decide to do in life I know you will be a huge success!!

I couldn't ask for a better kid to be the oldest :)  I love you so much and I am so proud of you.  You have had a tough few years yet you handled it with grace and love.  You kept going, didn't let life get you down, and forged ahead.  There are many adults that can't even get to that point. 

I see so much of your dad in you.  I think you look the most like him out of all the kids.  You have his disposition.  Kind, caring, accepting of all people, smart, sweet, and full of joy. 

Happy Birthday Logan!!!  Only four more years and you will be driving with a permit - Ahhhhhh!!!!!

I love you!! 

Mom (Loree)